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What's in a N.E.E.E.R.D.? 

I know...weird name, right? Firstly, an acronym? Really? And second, it's like..."Learn to spell!" Right? Well, let me just take a second to fill you in on the origin and meaning of the name. 

Learn to Spell!

This idea has been developing for almost a decade. It's gone through several iterations, with various components, goals, and reasons for existing. But one thing always remained constant: the content that we would aim to put out was always going to do one (or more) of these three things:

1) Entertain: Whatever this turned out to be, fun needed to be right at the core. There's a time and a place for sobriety and seriousness, and then there's times when you just need to laugh. Here, you'll get a bit of both. 

2) Edify: There's so much to learn about the world we inhabit and the people therein. Humans are meant to discover, to explore, to reason, and to understand. NEEERD Media seeks to build up that knowledge. But edification doesn't stop with the head. Hearts need to be built up as well. Sometimes through gentle encouragement, and sometimes through tough love, but always in hopes of helping you become a better person. 

3) Engage: Worldview. We've all got one. We may not all take the time to sit back and examine the various components that make up ours, but it's there. Make no mistake, NEEERD Media is coming at you from a pretty explicit Evangelical Christian perspective. We have taken time to explore our worldview, and continue to plumb its depths. The aim isn't to cram religion down anyone's throat. Instead, we want to be engaging worldviews in conversation, opening up the door to honest, courteous, intellectual dialogue about real-world issues and the beliefs that affect who we are and how we see the world. We're not here to pick a fight, but to start a conversation. 


Now you understand why there's three "E"s in "NEEERD," but why that word? "Nerd"? The answer is easy: We're nerds. And proud of it. We enjoy the way that comics, video games, movies, etc. engage the imagination and offer creative outlets for conversation. "Nerd,"  to us, means "passion," and we hold the believe that everyone is a nerd is some way, shape, or form. Some people are sci-fi nerds. Others are sports nerds. You visit a seminary campus and you're bound to run into a theology nerd or two. Whatever captures your attention, wherever you invest your time, energy, and even money, whatever you are passionate about, we believe that you are a NERD for that particular thing! And so NEEERD Media is a place to celebrate our Nerdy-ness...together! 

What About the Rest of the Acronym?

Well...it used to be an acronym...but it was reeeeeeally forced! We're talking even more forced than "Strategic Homeland Intervention, Espionage, and Logistics Division." But that's the name we registered with the government, so it will still show up on occasion...for now.